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Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania

Ofisi ya Rais - Menejimenti ya Utumishi wa Umma na Utawala Bora

Division of Salary Insentive and Benefits

This Section will perform the following activities:-

  1. Analyse macro-economic variables and their trends; inflation, price indices, employment rates and their impact on remuneration;
  2. Harmonize remuneration packages in the entire Public Service and make recommendations;
  3. Analyse and provide advice/recommendations on remuneration for the Executive, Judiciary, Parliamentary and Disciplined staff including their Institutions;
  4. Analyse and provide advice on financial and non-financial incentives in the Public Service;
  5. Collect, collate and analyse principles behind payment of allowances and provide guidelines;
  6. Provide advice and inputs on the development and implementation of Pay Policy;
  7. Determine and advice on Public Service salary levels and remuneration packages based on tasks, responsibilities, functions carried out, skills and levels of qualification;
  8. Carry out and monitor implementation of annual salary adjustments based on the Public Service Pay and Incentive Policy;
  9. Provide advice concerning negotiations with Trade Unions representative on issues related to pay and fringe benefits;
  10. Undertake Wage bill Planning and Salary Projections;
  11. Carry out periodical job evaluation to ensure relative pay equity for the Public Service;
  12. Develop and advise on preparation and review of schemes of service in MDAs and LGAs;
  13. Provide secretariat services to the Public Service Joint Staff Council.
  14. Coordinate the functions of Public Service Minimum Wage Board.
  15. Provide quarterly reports on the Wage bill trend;
  16. Analyse the submitted public service, finance and planning regulations and incentive schemes prepared by public institutions;
  17. Provide advice and explanation on the challenges on the implementation of revised Scheme of Services and salary structures in the public services;
  18. Respond on the questions and prepare answers from the parliament concerning salaries and remunerations of the public service; and 
  19. Participate on the general public service staff council and other public service institutions staff councils when needs arises.