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Department of Human Capital Management


To provide expertise, oversight and services on Recruitment, Employment Rationalization, Payroll Management, Personnel Emoluments (PE) Budget, Public Servants’ data integrity and maintenance of accountability on human resources management practices in the Public Service.


The Division will perform the following functions:-

  1. To spearhead the implementation of Human Capital Management Information Systems in Payroll and all human resources matters in the Public Service;
  2. To maintain accurate government employees’ data, records and reports and payroll transactions;
  3. To determine and issue employment permits for new vacancies and replacements for all MDAs, LGAs and other Public Institutions;
  4. To perform planning, implementation and overseeing of Personnel Emoluments (PE) Budget in the Public Service;
  5. To advise on the issues related to implementation of human resource management policies in the Public Service; and
  6. To coordinate employment rationalization for all MDAs, LGAs and other Public Institutions.

The Division will be led by a Director and will have three (3) Sections as follows:-

  1. Personnel Budget and Recruitment Management Section;
  2. Employee Data Quality Assurance Section; and
  3. Payroll Management Section.