Legal Service Unit


To provide legal expertise and services within the Office and to MDAs, LGAs   and   other   Public   Institutions   in   matters   related   to   Human Resources Management and Public Service Administration.

This Unit will perform the following activities:-

  • Provide legal assistance to Divisions and Units on interpretation of laws, terms of contract, terms of agreements, procurement   contracts,   memorandum   of   understanding, consultancy  agreements,   and other legal documents;
  • Provide legal assistance regarding laws, regulations, rules and other directives governing Public  Service to MDAs, LGAs and other Public Institutions;
  • Provide inputs in the preparation of proposed bills/Acts, subsidiary legislations   (regulation,   rules,   orders   etc)   and   liaise   with   the Attorney Generals Chambers;
  • Prepare and monitor enforcement and review laws, regulations and   rules   governing   Public   Service   in   collaboration   with   the Attorney Generals Chambers;
  • Prepare court cases/proceedings and legal opinion on Human Resources Management in  liaison with the Attorney Generals Chambers;
  • Make follow-up on cases in courts of law and courts’ decision in liaison   with  Attorney   General’s   Chambers   and   maintain   and ensure safe custody of data base of court decisions; and
  • Provide legal interpretation to Trade Unions and labour matters.

The Unit will be led by a Director.