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Establishment Division


To provide expertise and services in Human Resources Management in the MDAs and LGAs in particular and other Public Institutions in general.


(i)            To provide inputs on administrative policies;

(ii)          To oversee establishment matters in the Public Service;

(iii)         To facilitate labour mobility and monitor staff development in the Public Services;

(iv)        To interpret personnel policies, rules and regulations; and

(v)          To provide legal advice related to human resources management.

The Division will be led by a Director and will have the following Sections:-

(i)            Public Service Administration Section;

(ii)          Human Resources Legal Services Section; and

(iii)         Senior Public Service Section.

1)         Public Service Administration Section

The Section will perform the following activities:-

(i)            Coordinate implementation of the Open Performance Appraisal System (OPRAS) in the Public service;

(ii)          Carry out  quality and impact assessment of Human Resources Training for public servants;

(iii)         Oversee implementation of Human Resources rules and regulations in the Public Service;

(iv)        Facilitate labour mobility among employers in the Public Service;

(v)          Carry out routine inventory of vacant positions in the Public Service and advise appropriate authorities accordingly;

(vi)        Oversee employers adherence in Human resources management and administration policies, guideline, regulations, circulars and procedures and advise accordingly;

(vii)       Scrutinize appointments and promotions of staff to various positions in compliance with relevant schemes of service and advise accordingly; and

(viii)     Undertake re-deployment exercises in the public service in line with the approved establishments.

The Section will be led by an Assistant Director.


2)         Human Resources Legal Services Section 

The Section will perform the following activities:-

(i)            Monitor disciplinary proceedings and outcomes and advise accordingly;

(ii)          Prepare court cases/proceedings and legal opinion on human resources management in liaison with the Attorney General Chambers;

(iii)         Provide legal advice and assistance to MDAs on human resource legal matters;

(iv)        To provide legal advice to PO-PSM;

(v)          Provide inputs on preparation of legislative instruments including enactments of Parliament and subsidiary legislation(s) and forward to the Attorney General’s Chambers;

(vi)        Make follow up of cases in courts of Law and courts decision in liaison with Attorney Generals Chambers and maintain and ensure safe custody of data base of court decisions; and

(vii)       Provide legal advice to trade unions on labour matters.

The Section will be led by an Assistant Director. 

3)         Senior Public Service Section

The Section will perform the following activities:-

(i)              Facilitate filling of vacancies in the Public Service for which the President is the appointing authority;

(ii)             Process appointments of officers who are at principal level of schemes of service and beyond;

(iii)           Process vetting through State House;

(iv)           Process and follow-up confirmation of appointees; and

(v)            Study and initiate preparation of Human Resource Policies, Circulars, guidelines and Procedures for MDAs, LGAs and Public Institutions.

The Section will be led by an Assistant Director.



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