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Policy Development Division


To provide expertise and services on formulation, review, monitoring and evaluation of Human Resources Management, Development and Remuneration Policies to the Public Service.


(i)  To initiate, develop and review administrative, remuneration, and human resources policies; and

(ii)  To monitor and evaluate implementation of administrative, remuneration and human resources policies. 

The Division will be led by a Director and will have the following Sections:-

(i)   Remuneration Policy Section;

(ii)   Policy Formulation Section; and

(iii)   Policy Monitoring and Evaluation Section. 


1) Remuneration Policy Section

 The Section will perform the following activities:-

  1. Develop, monitor, evaluate and review the implementation of remuneration and compensation policies;

  2. Analyse macro-economic variables and their trends; inflation, price indices, employment rates and their impact on remuneration and advise accordingly;

  3. Provide advice and technical inputs to MDAs and LGAs on remuneration of public servants;

  4. Provide technical support and advice to Treasury Registrar on remuneration and schemes of service of Government Institutions;

  5. Carry out implementation of annual salary adjustments based on the Public Service Pay and Incentive Policy;

  6. Provide advice concerning negotiations with Trade Unions representative on issues related to pay and fringe benefits;

  7. Undertake Wage bill Planning and Salary Projections;

  8. Monitor implementation of salary adjustments and advise accordingly;

  9. Carry out period job evaluation to ensure relative pay equity for the Public Service;

  10. Develop and advise on preparation and review of schemes of service in MDAs and LGAs;

  11. Provide secretariat services to the Public Service Joint Staff Council; and

  12. Coordinate various issues from Service Joint Staff Council and advise accordingly.

The Section will be led by an Assistant Director.

2)Policy Formulation Section

 The Section will perform the following activities


(i) Formulate human resource management and development Policies and Laws;

(ii) Assess, analyze and advise policy proposals, Acts, rules and regulations from other Ministries and Public Institutions for Cabinet deliberation;

(iii) Liaise with Cabinet Secretariat on all issues of Policy Formulation; and

 (iv) Co-ordinate capacity building for Policy Development.

The Section will be led by an Assistant Director.


3)Policy Monitoring and Evaluation Section

The section will perform the following activities:-

 (i) Monitor and evaluate the implementation of HR Policies, Acts, Rules, Regulations, Standing Orders and Circulars and advise accordingly;

 (ii) Coordinate, Review and discard obsolete administrative and HR Policies, Regulations, Standing Orders and Circulars;

 (iii) Provide secretariat services to Master-Workers Council;

 (iv) Monitor and evaluate the implementation of scheme of services in MDA and advise accordingly;

(v) Interpret administrative and HR Policies, Legislations, Rules, Regulations and advise accordingly;

 (vi) Conduct impact assessments on administrative and human resources policies and advise accordingly;

 (viii) Conduct research on administration and human resource development issues and advise accordingly; and

 (ix) Establish policies for guiding general management of Records and Archives


The Section will be led by an Assistant Director.





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