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Policy Development Division

2)Policy Formulation Section

 The Section will perform the following activities


(i) Formulate human resource management and development Policies and Laws;

(ii) Assess, analyze and advise policy proposals, Acts, rules and regulations from other Ministries and Public Institutions for Cabinet deliberation;

(iii) Liaise with Cabinet Secretariat on all issues of Policy Formulation; and

 (iv) Co-ordinate capacity building for Policy Development.

The Section will be led by an Assistant Director.


3)Policy Monitoring and Evaluation Section

The section will perform the following activities:-

 (i) Monitor and evaluate the implementation of HR Policies, Acts, Rules, Regulations, Standing Orders and Circulars and advise accordingly;

 (ii) Coordinate, Review and discard obsolete administrative and HR Policies, Regulations, Standing Orders and Circulars;

 (iii) Provide secretariat services to Master-Workers Council;

 (iv) Monitor and evaluate the implementation of scheme of services in MDA and advise accordingly;

(v) Interpret administrative and HR Policies, Legislations, Rules, Regulations and advise accordingly;

 (vi) Conduct impact assessments on administrative and human resources policies and advise accordingly;

 (viii) Conduct research on administration and human resource development issues and advise accordingly; and

 (ix) Establish policies for guiding general management of Records and Archives


The Section will be led by an Assistant Director.





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